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UDIA Young Development Scholarship Winner Q&A 26/10/2017

A Q&A with Ali Wheeler from Cedear Woods.  Ali is the 2017 winner of the UDIA Young Development Professional Scholarship supported by Stockland. 

1.      What factors influenced you to pursue a career in the property industry?

During my time at Curtin University completing my Bachelor of Commerce, Double Major (Marketing and Public Relations) I sparked an interest in real estate and land development whilst studying closely with Commerce students majoring in ‘property’. This interest was further explored during my volunteer internship at one40william. During my time at one40william, assisting with Perth’s first major “Retail Pop Up Stores” and gaining market insight to propose re-design changes that would further enhance the retail destination for the Perth community. These experiences triggered my passion to explore the influences for a future Perth and the factors that inspire and stimulate the community and property landscape.


2.      What advice could you give to other young professionals looking to progress their careers in the property industry?

The best advice that I have ever received and would pass onto other young professionals is to be open to meet and learn from others outside of your allocated role or industry. The insight gained from others experiences and knowledge allows yourself to explore new and potential industry leading activities or programs that can assist with the progression of the urban development industry. Most importantly, by networking with contacts outside of your role or industry you build key contacts and partnerships with those that you might end up working with in the future.


3.      Do you have a mentor that has provided valuable advice during your career?

I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by a range of different people across varying expertise within the industry throughout my career to date. From events, real estate, construction and creative agencies, each have provided a pillar of support and direction for myself. One of the most important mentors to date have been my family, in particular my older brother Nick Wheeler. Nick was the key mentor that nurtured my interest in property from University to where I am today. By sharing ideas and visions across Marketing and Development – Nick has always encouraged myself to think outside of the box and grab every opportunity that comes my way.


4.      Why do you think it is important to be involved with an industry body such as UDIA?

The UDIA is a supportive and directional industry body that not only provides the opportunity to recognise, support and educate those within property but most importantly foster future leaders. Through educational programs, networking functions, the Outlook Committee and awards, the UDIA provides a voice to the young professionals to grow develop and lead innovation within the property industry.


5.      Are there any particular issues you wish to champion this year as UDIA Young Development Professional?

The journey in my marketing career to date has seen me exposed to a wide range of projects at various phases of development and the young talent involved throughout to deliver these projects. The areas that I would like to champion this year is the investigation how technology can be used to market and connect sustainable and innovative communities. Secondly, explore new opportunities with the support of the Outlook Committee to enhance existing programs or implementing new activities for young professionals to network and further their education across a range of skill sets within the industry.


Ali Wheeler is Project Marketing Manager at Cedar Woods

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