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Dwelling construction trends across Australia 06/08/2013

Search dwelling construction trends in over 2,500 locations across Australia.

The upswing in residential construction in Australia has been uneven, with to date Western Australia leading the dwelling construction recovery in the country. Approvals for the construction of new homes in Western Australia increased 27.5 per cent in 2012/13 compared to 1.9 per cent in the rest of Australia. New South Wales saw approvals increase 9.8 per cent in 12/13, followed by Queensland (7.4 per cent) and South Australia (1.4 per cent). Meanwhile, dwelling approvals declined in Victoria (-4 per cent) and Tasmania (-17 per cent).

But within these states, dwelling construction has been improving faster in some areas. Whilst in others, construction levels have been in decline.

To better understand dwelling construction trends, the Institute has analysed over ten years of dwelling approval data across more than 2,500 locations and developed three mediums to navigate this information.

Residential Construction Chart and Table Pack

This publication details construction trends across Australian states, cities and regions. The publication also includes details of construction hotspots in Australia. Access the publication here.

Dwelling Approvals Tool

To best analyse and view trends across specific locations you live or work in, the Institute developed an Excel tool that easily allows users to view residential construction trends in over 2,500 regions in Australia. The Tool is freely available to members and non-members and can be accessed here.

Search on the map

Search the interactive map and click on an area to view the number of dwellings approved for construction in 2012/13. Data is broken down into four dwelling types: detached house, terrace/townhouse, flat/units in one to three storey building, and apartments in buildings greater than three storeys.

Please allow a minute for the map layers to load. Once loaded, the map details borders as defined by the Bureau of Statistics. If you left click within a border, the number of dwellings approved will appear. Right click outside of the information box to continue searching other areas. (If you have Google Earth installed, you can download the dwelling approvals layer here.)



Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this or any of the other research UDIA publishes. Members can access updates to the Excel tool and chart and table pack from the research section on the UDIA WA website.

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nehajason says:

Posted on 21/10/2013

Nice article and thanks for publishing it. This article helps to illustrate about building trends in Australia.

Kerry Adams says:

Posted on 05/12/2013

Yes indeed, dwelling values are rising, as obvious to the fact of mortgage rates being at historic lows. However, arguably what is more important is that the renewed level of housing market confidence is showing up in improved development activity and demand for new homes.

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